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Play FDA for a Day – Criminalization of Foodborne Illness

On-Demand Webinar  (This webinar is no longer available for viewing.)

Play FDA for a Day
Criminalization of Foodborne Illness
What you can do to protect your company

Roka Bioscience, LLC (Roka) presented Shawn K. Stevens, Food Safety lawyer and expert  of Food Industry Counsel, and Mary Duseau, Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer of Roka, in a webcast providing a roadmap to help food companies navigate the new regulatory, legal and technological environment in food safety. They demonstrated how playing “FDA for a Day” with your own Self-Audit, under the protection of attorney-client privilege and with Better Testing Technology, will prepare food companies for the now launched U.S. FDA “swab-a-thons” and prevent potential criminal action against your company.

The FDA for a Day Program consists of:

  1. Roka providing all food companies with a complimentary swab kit containing swabs and FoodChek’s ActeroTMListeria Enrichment Media for environmental sample enrichment.
  2. Roka providing complimentary Listeria testing of the enriched swabs on their Atlas® System using advanced molecular technology.
  3. Food Safety lawyer and expert, Shawn Stevens, providing food companies with a complimentary and attorney-client privilege assessment of Listeria contamination in their facilities along with a remedial action plan.

As a food company – protect your consumers, your brand and company from harm and view this essential webinar today!

WEBINAR / Culture Shift: The New Dynamics of Listeria Environmental Control and Testing

FoodChek’s Senior Product Manager, David Claveau, M.Sc, MBA, is a guest presenter on a complimentary webinar hosted by Roka Bioscience. David is speaking on how faster recovery of stressed Listeria can change the way you do business – Media Advancement.

When:  Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Time:    2:00 to 3:00 pm ET, 11:00 am to 12pm PT

This webinar is no longer available for viewing.